The Davis House

The Davis House, present day (photo: Shreve Town Ghost Walk)

The History

The history of the Davis House begins in with its construction in 1916 by Mrs. Ella Hunt Montgomery, a descendant of "King David" Hunt of Natchez, Mississippi. The road known today as Line Avenue was a dirt road in the early years of the house's history. This did not prevent Mrs. Montgomery from filling the home with all of the luxuries of the day: pocket doors, push button lights, high ceilings and even a music room.

The Music Room

Besides housing many of the original antiques of the home, the house also contains furnishings which once belonged to prominent Shreveport citizen A.J. Ingersoll. The house is currently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Marsha Gill, who have restored the property to its original state as well as collected the original possessions of the house. Recently, the Davis House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Haunting

The Gills were not in their new home long before they noticed the odd occurences in the Davis House. Voices, invisible footsteps and tapping have been heard in the house. The Louisiana Paranormal Society recently conducted an investigation of the house. They managed to uncover a few EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings in various parts of the home, including the voice of a man in the music room.

Mary Montgomery Davis Davis Wedding Dress

The spirit of Mary Montgomery Davis also made her presence known during the investigation. The arm of a Victorian night gown hanging on the side of an armoire raised up to almost touch one of the investigators. When asked if living in a haunted house was unnerving, Mrs. Gill said no, and that she couldn't imagine living in the house without the ghosts.

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