Byrd High School

Byrd High

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C.E. Byrd High School has served the educational needs of Shreveport youth for over eighty years. Eighty years of dreams, laughter, of love, and of course, tragedy. Therefore, it is no wonder that it should be the site of ghosts. Our first legend involves a young girl, a student from Byrds earlier period. In the buildings earlier days, it boasted a swimming pool. The girl, whose name is lost to history, reportedly drowned in the pool. The pool was eventually filled in, and a dance studio was built over the former site. The girls spirit is said to still haunt the dance studio, wandering restlessly about, frightening any who spot her. In the schools basement, better known as the catacombs, the spirit of a JROTC instructor roams the passageways. It is said that he killed himself down there with a rifle, although the author has been unable to discover the mans motives for such an action. Besides sightings and the occasional sound of a gunshot, there have also been cold spots reported in the dark passageways.

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